Stranahan’s Snowflake Predicts a Big Winter

The start of December found me in Denver after a long while of longing to visit, where I not only dipped my toe into the commerce state, but took in the sights of perhaps my first favorite whiskey brand, now coming fully into its own with the TTB recognizing American Single Malt as a distinct class of whiskey. Stranahan’s invited me to attend the Snowflake release and meet new Head Blender Justin Aden. My review of the 2023 Snowflake: Pyramid Peak is now live over at Tasting Table.

Aden’s a really interesting guy. From the start, and in front of you, it’s obvious that his mind is constantly turning over his craft. Even while he’s talking about what they’ve already worked on, his gears are turning and thinking on the possibilities and permutations. It’s really rare to meet someone like that, and certainly to be aware of it while you do.