Riverdale’s Jesus Is a Groovy Dude

It’s 1-900-HOT-DOG time again, and this month we’re looking at Archie’s Sonshine, that licensed Spire comic book where the Riverdale gang meets—I kid you not—Jesus, but He’s pretending He’s just a random Christian, despite multiplying everyone’s food. Also, He lives in The Love Van, solicits teens to it at the beach, and basically creeps everyone … Read more

Oh Hi, I Write for Eater Now

Banter Bar, Brooklyn

Probably the only uplifting heat map you’re going to see in 2023, it’s my Eater debut with a roundup of NYC bars where you can watch the Women’s World Cup, a.k.a. the Big Soccer Game We Can’t Name, because trademark law is written by lawyers, and therefore antithetical to natural human behavior. While I’m not … Read more