Over a Dozen Chefs Told Me How You Can Make Perfect Beef Ribs

beef short ribs

New Tasting Table piece! Everything you should try to make your beef ribs (not just barbecue, but plenty of that) taste better, according to professional chefs and beef experts. We might not have come to a solid conclusion about dry rub and removing the silverskin membrane, but we definitely established the cases for either side … Read more

Starbucks Reserve Has Hot Honey Cocktails but You Can Skip ‘Em

Starbucks Hot Honey Affogato

I drank the new Starbucks Reserve Spicy Hot Honey Espresso Martini and Hot Honey Affogato, but you know what? They’re fine. I wouldn’t pay $23 for one, but $14 might be okay. Depending whether you’re in New York, Chicago, or Seattle, that’s the span you’re looking at. Full thoughts and specifications are in my review … Read more