The 25 Best Bourbon Brands, Ranked

Getting it down to 25 was no mean feat, but I managed to represent my favorite bourbon identitiess on Tasting Table while also deferring to some of what the distillate-drinking society would prefer whether or not it’s too my taste. Standard rules apply, don’tcha know. Sorry in advance for Buffalo Trace dominating this list. Blame … Read more

Full Moon on a Halloween

photo of a full moon

Found this little journal entry from 2001, and decided to revive it, what with there having recently been another full moon on Halloween. An even more egregiously lost opportunity, I say, since COVID’s a lot more prevalent and effective in its deadly work than any terrorist at a single crowded bar would have been before … Read more

Baby Boxing Is the Secret Origin of the Navy SEALs

That’s my theory and you can’t convince me otherwise. The Navy sponsored baby boxing and 20 years later we got the first SEALs. Coincidence? An awfully convenient one, I say. Oh, what’s that? Yes, you heard correctly. Toddler. Goddamn. BOXING. Sure, we know about the kids brutalized in coke mines and upon printing presses, but … Read more