Having fun at NYCC

I’ll write the whole thing up when I’m done. And then hopefully this week we can solve The Mystery of the Missing Archive & RSS Images. Veronica Mars, I need your skills! And your heart. Oh, she’s the crushiest character of the millennium.

I know…

The pictures aren’t working in the archived posts. I think this happened when I updated ComicPress Manager and I’m trying to sort it out. We appreciate your patience. Thanks to alert reader Iain Jackson for the tip. EDIT: OK, in the space of three seconds, it’s corrected. Either someone fixed a line of PHP, or … Read more

New York Comic-Con

I’ll be at New York Comic-Con if you’re looking for bad jokes and free comics. I don’t have a booth, so just look for the dashing fellow in a tuxedo handing out free Marvel and DC issues, and more bang-for-your-buck copies of DOSE (see, I’m like a drug dealer; I lure you in with the … Read more

Interview time

I spoke with Jen Contino at The Pulse not too long ago about Invisible, Inc. And speaking of that, I’m trying to get used to the way ComicPress works. Because it’s not fond of two comics in one day, I’m going to feed new panels throughout the week…so you’ll still get a new page every … Read more