1-900-HOT-DOG: The Return of Count Spirochete

Count Spirochete Syphilis Navy PSA

Our tour of Etiquette: Naval Style continues at 1-900-HOT-DOG with The Return of Count Spirochete. Newly empowered to seduce blondes and brunettes, our brave sailors found their lives now imperiled by the dreaded VD. I learned a lot watching this PSA for comedy, and most of what I learned involved terrible things happening to babies, … Read more

1-900-HOT-DOG: Blondes Prefer Gentlemen

US Navy Blondes Prefer Gentlemen

Back in the ’60s the Navy realized that trapping a bunch of young men in metal canisters far from daily society was not the incubator for social poise that they needed. Discipline? Yes. Grace and charm? Not innately, no. So they made two films, “Blondes Prefer Gentlemen” and “How to Succeed With Brunettes” that have … Read more

Little Nemo & the Nightmare Fiends: A Winsor McCay video game!

My decades-long fascination with Little Nemo has been well-documented (beginning with Iconography #0). But as I’ve spent quarantine researching platinum age public domain characters and learning game design, never did it occur to me to put the two together. Fortunately, the folks at Pie for Breakfast studios, who actually know what they’re doing, saw the … Read more