• Costco Nails Starbucks’ Mid Egg Bites for Good & Eh
    Are you a fan of me getting paid to eat breakfast? Sure, we all are. That’s why I took this Tasting Table assignment to review the two new flavors of…let me just take a deep breath before I try to say all this, even though we’re in the medium of print…Costco’s Kirkland Signature Sous Vide … Read more
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Buffalo Trace Antique Collection
    You’ve got questions about the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, ranging from “What is it?” to “Where do I get some?” I can only help you with the first one and many of the questions in between, unless I really, really like you and share some of my limited press taster samples. But until that glorious … Read more
  • Review: Weller Milllennium Aims High But Misses the Mark
    I love me some Weller, but I can’t recommend this new Weller Millennium release–certainly not at this price point, at any rate. That said, I did have a wonderful time sampling it in the company of superior whiskey reviewers. My thoughts on where Weller Millennium fails (but also succeeds) are up on Tasting Table.
  • Starbucks Nails Spring Blend, Bargles Spring Flavors
    What exactly tastes like spring in brown sugar & cinnamon or toasted coconut, I ask you? Other than getting a winter release out the door late and then averaging the calendar with a clear summer flavor? I’m going to save you a click and tell you to skip the flavored coffees in the 2024 Starbucks … Read more
  • Over a Dozen Chefs Told Me How You Can Make Perfect Beef Ribs
    New Tasting Table piece! Everything you should try to make your beef ribs (not just barbecue, but plenty of that) taste better, according to professional chefs and beef experts. We might not have come to a solid conclusion about dry rub and removing the silverskin membrane, but we definitely established the cases for either side … Read more
  • I Ate the Entire Panera 2024 New Era Menu in One Night
    Tasting Table sent me down to Herald Square to nosh on Panera’s entire new batch of sandwiches, salads, and one mac & cheese in a sourdough bowl. Some were great. Some were not great but also you wouldn’t be sad that you’d eaten them. All of them were well composed and somewhat subject to heat … Read more
  • Starbucks Reserve Has Hot Honey Cocktails but You Can Skip ‘Em
    I drank the new Starbucks Reserve Spicy Hot Honey Espresso Martini and Hot Honey Affogato, but you know what? They’re fine. I wouldn’t pay $23 for one, but $14 might be okay. Depending whether you’re in New York, Chicago, or Seattle, that’s the span you’re looking at. Full thoughts and specifications are in my review … Read more
  • Starbucks Just Released Its First-Ever Lavender Drinks
    Last week I sampled and reviewed the Iced Lavender Cream Oatmilk Matcha and the Iced Lavender Oatmilk Latte, both of which come out today at every Starbucks in…America? The planet? You tell me. I just sip the drinks and take photos for Tasting Table. The scene above is the lovely floral tasting space they set … Read more
  • Stock Photos Don’t Need AI to Be Weird
    Tasting Table commissioned something a little different from me recently. My editor tasked me with finding the weirdest stock photos about food and cracking wise on them: something I am well-versed at doing from four years at the helm of CBS Local’s Man Cave Daily. I can tell you from a half-decade of experience, we’re … Read more
  • People Should Know About This Chocolate Stuff
    Happy New Year! I got you fancy chocolate. Or rather, Tasting Table got me all the new and limited-time fancy Lindor chocolates on offer at Lindt, and I ranked them in an update to the previous version of that post by Lauren Beach. I tell you, it might not be quite the same level as … Read more
  • Stranahan’s Snowflake Predicts a Big Winter
    The start of December found me in Denver after a long while of longing to visit, where I not only dipped my toe into the commerce state, but took in the sights of perhaps my first favorite whiskey brand, now coming fully into its own with the TTB recognizing American Single Malt as a distinct … Read more
  • Sorry, You’re Never Going to Make Burgers as Well as Peter Luger
    I spoke with Peter Luger’s Daniel Turtel about how the famed steakhouse makes its incredible hamburgers, and he said quite openly that they have no secrets. It’s a blend of dry-aged beef trimmings, prime beef with the right kind of fat, and broilers that can sear a patty at temperatures even your grill won’t reach … Read more
  • I Reviewed Smashburger’s Scorchin’ Hot Menu
    Over at Tasting Table, I put a lot, and I mean a LOT, of Smashburger sandwiches and sides in my mouth to assess their Scorchin’ Hot menu. And if you want me to save you a click, it’s not very spicy? I’m reminded of the recent Truff collab over at Popeye’s, where the premium hot … Read more
  • These 10 Bars Will Rock Around Your Christmas Tree
    Election Day is behind us, meaning it’s officially the family holidays season! Following up on my previous rum roundup over at Eater, we’ve updated the list with a nutmeggy bent in 10 New York Bars Where You Can Drink Holiday Rum Cocktails. No wonder they hired a Nutmegger to do it. But there’s also sorrel … Read more
  • The Rock Wants You to Toast Your Bartender
    Teremana tequila is pretty good stuff! I happen to have a bottle handy that preceded my assignment from Eater to catalogue the NYC bars participating in the spirit’s Mana for a Cause campaign, aimed at boosting the hospitality industry in these “everyone’s broke except for 12 billionaires” times. In fact, that’s kind of been the … Read more
  • You Can Enjoy Gin Without Ruining the Earth, Maybe
    Do you like gin and sustainability? You can go to hell if it’s neither. But if you only like one, choose sustainability. Anyway, Bombay Gin asked Eater to ask me to write up sustainability focused bars that also make kickass Bombay Sapphire cocktails, which I was happy to do because I like both of those … Read more
  • National Rum Month Is Real and It’s Octacular
    It’s National Rum Month, because you can declare any time period the official anything of anything. Look, I’ll do it right now: The third week of December is officially the feast of the Mithras. See? Easy. Now we all have to go do traditional activities that commemorate the Roman messiah, like….uh, like…wow, seems like we … Read more
  • Oh Hi, I Write for Eater Now
    Probably the only uplifting heat map you’re going to see in 2023, it’s my Eater debut with a roundup of NYC bars where you can watch the Women’s World Cup, a.k.a. the Big Soccer Game We Can’t Name, because trademark law is written by lawyers, and therefore antithetical to natural human behavior. While I’m not … Read more
  • I Interviewed Chris Fletcher about Jack Daniels 12-Year
    Fresh off a night of reviewing the new Daniel Weller emmer wheat bourbon, I spoke with Jack Daniel’s master distiller Chris Fletcher about legacy and innovation for Tasting Table’s newest go at interviewing luminaries of food and drink. It was a great day in my personal whiskey history! Also, I’m tagging this post with bourbon, … Read more
  • Oh, You’re Gonna Grill That Steak Like Hugh Acheson
    I grilled (ha!) Hugh Acheson about his steak-on-the-barbie technique and tricks. Did you think I wouldn’t embrace that pun? Buddy, I have two decades of being an uncle on my belt, half my humor is now rerouted into jokes my sister won’t slap the back of my head for uttering in front of her kids. … Read more
  • Oh Hi, I Write for Punch Now
    You know, there was a time in the last couple years I was thinking of reviving PUNCH the humor magazine, only to discover the name in play. And that’s life, but I also didn’t figure I’d be writing for it anytime soon until my friends and colleagues from Thrillist-turned-Group-Nine-turned-Vox asked me to lay out some … Read more
  • The Best Burgers & Doughnuts, According to Tasting Table
    Looks like these collaborative jam-session articles are going to be a regular thing around the Tasting Table, which is fine by me. On the heels of America’s Best Cocktails and America’s Best Pizza comes America’s Best Burgers, to which I submit, after fierce internal debate, the Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern. Additionally, yours truly … Read more
  • The Best Sourced Bourbons
      Sourced bourbons are finally getting some respect these days, and have, in fact, for a good while yet. But for some reason the idea that we should be treating them as less orthodox persists? Oh, your startup bourbon label doesn’t bottle a 100-year-old trove of recently unearthed family recipes? Who cares? All I care … Read more
  • Review: Daniel Weller Emmer Wheat
    Boy, this one was special. I got to attend the first press event for the release of Daniel Weller Emmer Wheat. I’ve loved Weller pretty much since my buddy Eric put me onto it, and was probably the last man in America to pick up a bottle for under $50. I understand the brand’s changing … Read more
  • The 13 Best Whiskeys of 2023*
    *So far When we make lists like this 2023’s Best Whiskeys article over at Tasting Table, it’s always a bit questionable how much we want to subdivide. Like we knew Best Bourbons was coming up, so do we put any on this list? If we’re not doing a single malt roundup yet, do we do … Read more