• Oh Hi, I Write for Elle Decor Now
    Boy, what a year. Another new publication in the freelance logs, joining its many HearstMade brethren. This time up it’s Elle Decor, where I wax green on the value of heat pumps for the modern home. I actually sold myself on getting one in my new apartment, though I’ll save that purchase for the summer … Read more
  • My List of Essential Stadium Gear Keeps Baseball Fun
    Second inning in my three pieces for Thrillist on how to best enjoy the ballpark is now live: it’s all the gear you need, and none of what you won’t, to take yourself out to the ballgame without any roasting and only the good kind of toasting. Part one is here, if you’re looking for … Read more
  • I’m Generating Heat Over at Popular Mechanics
    Two new sponsored-content articles are up at Pop Mech, both with Kohler generators. You interview, you learn, you get hyped for unlimited power! Well, within reason. Anyway, please enjoy What You Need to Know About Installing a Home Generator and its companion piece, 5 Easy Home Upgrades to Combat Extreme Weather. I got to talk … Read more
  • Oh Hi, I Write for Polygon Now
    New client! New topic! I looked at every reason to get hyped for the customizable vehicular melee game Redline Royale over at Polygon. Does this presage more of me writing about video games? Very likely not! I play so few. I don’t understand how anybody has time for it. But they’re fun when I do? … Read more
  • Oh Hi, I Write for Fatherly Now
    Something you might not know about the web publishing world is that the run-up to Thanksgiving is a mad flurry of activity to prep all the gift guides that will ideally run without hiccups on Black Friday. If this happens, the writers, editors, designers, and video wizards of the internet, can enjoy our tofu-seitan-tempeh turducken … Read more
  • I Am Neither Popular Nor a Mechanic
    But I am making some bonafides over at Popular Mechanics. My latest batch of Hearst assignments is a tour of your home’s first floor, from garage to stairs, with Eight Creative Gift Ideas for Friends Who Love Hosting and 7 Gifts to Upgrade Their Toolkit in 2023, both up now at that engineering site. It’s … Read more
  • REVIEW: ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 Instant Read Meat Thermometer
    Beginning with the ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 thermometer here, I’m reviewing food and drink and their associated tools and paraphernalia on this site now. There’s more of it rolling through Chez Bankshot than all the food and drink clients can approve or fits into their coverage style, and it helps me expand as a food and … Read more
  • Oh Hi, I Write for Esquire Now
    For a New Yorker with a desk job, I use multitools quite a bit. Perhaps it’s because I’ve had mostly living situations where it’s easier to DIY than wait forever for a landlord response to problems. Maybe it’s having had a backyard and doing a lot of little jobs in the garden. Or possibly it’s … Read more