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The black-and-white, do-it-yourself snarl of independent comics is still alive! This (mostly) humorous, satirical anthology is based on the principle of more bang for your buck and more rage on the page.

Conceived in opposition to the decompressed comics written with trade paperback in mind, Dose is quick-hit pieces, most of them stand-alone, packed into issues 48 to 56 pages long. Hundreds of comic readers could be wrong, but no one has invoked our full-refund policy yet.

The short-run “New York, New York” edition of the first issue was produced and sold locally around New York City in 2006. Following that success, issue #2 debuted in September, 2008 along with a national edition of #1.

The debut issue features Evan Dorkin (Dork, Bif Bam Pow) and Josh Elder (Mail-Order Ninja, Batman Strikes). Bronze Age legend Michael Netzer and Chris Ward (Twisted Toyfare Theatre, Ninja Tales, Political Power: Barack Obama) join us for the second. Issue three welcomes the team of Molly Crabapple & John Leavitt (Dr. Sketchy’s, Backstage, Scarlett Takes Manhattan), plus Brian Warmoth (Wizard, Devil’s Due Productions) debuts, and Josh Elder returns to make you laugh (probably at us rather than with us).

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