#2: Widowed Lines

Agent Ben Randall is out of chances at the federal agency called S.M.O.K.E. on the day he stops wanted supervillain The Tumor from infecting thousands. With disaster avoided at a high price, Randall’s star is on the rise, until someone leads him to question who’s really running S.M.O.K.E.

Read issue #1 — “Killed Stories”

This book cost us a lot of time and money to make. Paying whatever you want puts you in the company of other good readers and helps complete the series faster. (SRP $2.00)

An alternate history of espionage
Hero of Hogan's Alley
A golden age hero punches a mad scientist
Silly Golden Age origin stories
Black ops in a secret agency
The Tumor is killed
superhero conspiracy INDELIBLE, INC.
Superhero becomes a reluctant killer
Death of a speedster
Supervillains who can multiply
How do you stop a superhero?
Rampage in Rockefeller Center
Blasted by a laser from a satellite
Falling out a window
The death of Ulti-Might
Senator Patricia Atkinson Walker mourns her husband
Life support in a superpowered world
Strange figure trenchcoat conspiracy
Mr. Twist shows Agent Ben Randall a glimpse of his power
Taking credit for someone else's idea
Welcome to wet work
Your agent harbors doubts
A clandestine meeting
The ultimate secret agent is dead
Blackbird killed Jack Roche
Darkness comes to Sunset Park
Secret murder
Ignoring the phone

Now read issue #3: “Taken Photos”

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