Little Nemo & the Nightmare Fiends: A Winsor McCay video game!

My decades-long fascination with Little Nemo has been well-documented (beginning with Iconography #0). But as I’ve spent quarantine researching platinum age public domain characters and learning game design, never did it occur to me to put the two together. Fortunately, the folks at Pie for Breakfast studios, who actually know what they’re doing, saw the potential of a Little Nemo in Slumberland game–and it is gorgeous. It’s everything you want a Winsor McCay comic to be. Like most elder millennials, I discovered the comic through NES. And with due respect to Ray Bradbury, that anime and its video game adaptation are somewhat afield of McCay’s vision.

But THIS…wow!

Did the Goonies Really Save Their Homes?

I’m doing some pop culture stress-testing over at RSVLTS, the pop culture site turned clothier turned pop culture site again, and first at bat, is revisiting The Goonies to see if the math shakes out on this fun childhood fantasy about saving the day, kissing the girl, and one-upping your tough older brother. The RSVLTS gang and I asked, “Did The Goonies Really Save Their Homes?

I’ll spoil it for you — the answer is a surprising “Yes!” But we have fun proving how it can be done, like all the best heist movies.

Does This Still Work? ‘The Jerk’

My longtime stand-up comedy buddy Joe Dixon (he hosted the first open mic I ever played) and my more recent buddy via Joe, George Romaka, host a podcast where they check how well old movies hold up artistically, creatively, and culturally. From their list, I picked The Jerk because I knew it was prime Steve Martin but also full of rough topics from a decade when society was just all around rougher. And I wanted to see it in its intended format, and not just piecemeal in syndicated clips as a clueless eight-year-old. Joe was a regular co-host on my old CBS podcast, so it was nice to let responsibility lie on his shoulders for once. Check us out on Stitcher, iTunes, and probably a dozen other podcast sites.

1-900-HOT-DOG: Where Are the Beverly Hills Teens Now?

Ugh, teens, they’re the worst. Except for the elderly, who are trying to take us all with them when they die. And middle-aged people, we’re boring. And children, who are irrational animals. And babies, who pollute everything. Anyway, the worst teens, as you might expect, are the rich ones. That’s why over at 1-900-HOT-DOG I checked in on the 1980s to see where the Beverly Hills Teens are now. Did any of them gain any manners or personality? Lucky you, you can read it to find out, because it’s the free article this week.

I’m talking comics on ‘The Dogg Zzone 9000’

If you’re not following the Robert Brockway/Seanbaby weaponized comedy of 1-900-HOT-DOG, what a terrible way to find out you are your own antagonist. And speaking of secret identities, I’m talking superhero comics with the Hot Dog top dogs themselves in the latest episode of their Dogg Zzone 9000 podcast, “Comic Books That HAD to Be Comics.” We found ourselves some interesections of awesomeness and absurdity in graphic novel format–or in the case of my pick, disposable pulp newsprint where the writers couldn’t even remember that The Puppeteer was actually Captain V and his pet raven was actually an eagle.

Then there’s a weirdly Catholic (or maybe Catholically weird) X-Men storyline that doesn’t deal nearly as much with death and resurrection as Sean’s Avengers pick. All this, couched in me vs. Brockway for winner of the saddest recipe from Sean’s dueling Microwave Meals for One cookbooks! Listen below!