She’s Famous Now

A shy, young man is given a second chance to win his high school crush’s heart after she becomes the world’s top pop star, with the help of his amoral friend, who is secretly trying to break them up. It’s your typical Nietzschean anti-romantic bildungsroman posing as a satirical teen romance.

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SHE’S FAMOUS NOW is written, drawn, and colored by Brendan McGinley (Hannibal Goes to Rome, Dose and Invisible, Inc).

Cindy Hunter is the world’s #1 pop star, beloved by the whole world. The problem is, no one really knows her. Manipulated by her music studio into grinding out glurge written by old men and mathematically calculated to yield the greatest number of fans, she has no outlet, and even worse, no good input.

Lance Hupel has his own problem. When his best friend (and worst enemy) T.C. Shaw finagles him a role as the man-meat in Cindy’s new video, Lance finds himself face-to-face with girl who was his high school crush before she became America’s sweetheart.

T.C. manipulates the scene to Lance’s benefit (and chagrin). With Lance’s tacit approval, he splits Cindy from her boyfriend, gives Lance’s career a boost, and gets the two kids together. Alas, Lance’s success costs Cindy hers, but the downward trajectory of her career jumpstarts the development of her soul.

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