#0: Cause of Depth, Lack of Breadth

Have you met Cindy Hunter?

Cindy plucked your heart the first time she floated by you in the hallway, and never gave it back. Cindy knows you the way no one else ever will, because no one else ever did. Cindy went away just when you’d gotten a date out of her. Half the world stole your crush, because Cindy Hunter is famous now.

In the introductory She’s Famous Now ashcan below, shy Lance Hupel learns that idealism is no match for the pragmatism of the world. Also: bee-stings.

This book cost us a lot of time and money to make. Paying whatever you want puts you in the company of other good readers and helps complete the series faster. (SRP $2.00)

Now read issue #1: “Alone in a Crowd”

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