New Thrillist Post: Everything That Happens In Your Grill at Every Temperature

Despite its (very British) title, that book I was hired to write a few years back now, The Man’s Book of the BBQ (buy it here!), is actually a celebration of grilling, not specifically smoking and slow-cooking and saucing. But that’s cool, because guys like Raichlen and Mixon are going to say all there is to say … Read more

Hey, Look, I Wrote Another Book: Top 10 for Men 2013

Brian Cullen and I spent half of last year putting together this installment in the Top 10 series begun by Russell Ash. It’s full of nifty information gents can use to impress other gents, like “Most Diverse Nations (by Monkey Species)” and “Unbreakable Wilt Chamberlain Records.” Along the way, we added a personal touch with … Read more

Glowing Smoke Rings

charcoal is on burning

Well, not glowing, but positive. I just went for the pun on that headline. BECAUSE I AM A PROFESSIONAL WRITEY PERSON. The Smoke Ring liked my book. Although it does contain a chapter with 13 recipes, this isn’t really a cookbook. It is described as “a celebration of the man and his BBQ. A salute … Read more