Starbucks Reserve Has Hot Honey Cocktails but You Can Skip ‘Em

Starbucks Hot Honey Affogato

I drank the new Starbucks Reserve Spicy Hot Honey Espresso Martini and Hot Honey Affogato, but you know what? They’re fine. I wouldn’t pay $23 for one, but $14 might be okay. Depending whether you’re in New York, Chicago, or Seattle, that’s the span you’re looking at. Full thoughts and specifications are in my review … Read more

These 10 Bars Will Rock Around Your Christmas Tree

cocktail on a cutting board

Election Day is behind us, meaning it’s officially the family holidays season! Following up on my previous rum roundup over at Eater, we’ve updated the list with a nutmeggy bent in 10 New York Bars Where You Can Drink Holiday Rum Cocktails. No wonder they hired a Nutmegger to do it. But there’s also sorrel … Read more

The Rock Wants You to Toast Your Bartender

Teremana tequila is pretty good stuff! I happen to have a bottle handy that preceded my assignment from Eater to catalogue the NYC bars participating in the spirit’s Mana for a Cause campaign, aimed at boosting the hospitality industry in these “everyone’s broke except for 12 billionaires” times. In fact, that’s kind of been the … Read more

National Rum Month Is Real and It’s Octacular

clear drinking glass with yellow liquid

It’s National Rum Month, because you can declare any time period the official anything of anything. Look, I’ll do it right now: The third week of December is officially the feast of the Mithras. See? Easy. Now we all have to go do traditional activities that commemorate the Roman messiah, like….uh, like…wow, seems like we … Read more