The Best Sourced Bourbons

Redwood Empire: A great sourced bourbon

  Sourced bourbons are finally getting some respect these days, and have, in fact, for a good while yet. But for some reason the idea that we should be treating them as less orthodox persists? Oh, your startup bourbon label doesn’t bottle a 100-year-old trove of recently unearthed family recipes? Who cares? All I care … Read more

The 25 Best Bourbon Brands, Ranked

Getting it down to 25 was no mean feat, but I managed to represent my favorite bourbon identitiess on Tasting Table while also deferring to some of what the distillate-drinking society would prefer whether or not it’s too my taste. Standard rules apply, don’tcha know. Sorry in advance for Buffalo Trace dominating this list. Blame … Read more