1-900-HOTDOG Megajam: Japanese Commercials, American Celebrities

Teamworking Day! It’s Teamworking Day! All the Hot Dogs wrote up our favorite Japanese Ads starring U.S. celebrities, a topic I know a little something about. Our mandate: write a paragraph about short TV spots. Our execution: mini-essays, because no word count on this topic can compress comprehensively. If I hadn’t already covered some spots … Read more

Remember the Experimental Theatre Ad for Legend of Zelda?

legend of zelda commercial 80s

Advertisers in the ’80s had no idea what to do with video games. Think of everything you’ve seen depicted in Mad Men, now picture those exact same survivors of childhood in the Depression, but older and just burning their days until retirement, trying to sell 8-bit computer games to children in a decade exultant in … Read more

Cracked Topic: Japanese Commercials

This was an article about American celebrities doing commercials in Japan. I positioned it as a fun intersection of genius and crazy, but most commercials are bizarre without the intelligibility of full context. I’m pretty glad Cracked sunset this one, and I thought for years about doing a follow-up where American ads look equally bonkers … Read more