Hey, look: I wrote another book — Top 10 for Men 2013

Brian Cullen and I spent half of last year putting together this installment in the Top 10 series begun by Russell Ash. It’s full of nifty information gents can use to impress other gents, like “Most Diverse Nations (by Monkey Species)” and “Unbreakable Wilt Chamberlain Records.” Along the way, we added a personal touch with … Read more

Cousin Bucket’s Guide to Surviving Apocalypse Sandy

This was a piece Brian prepped for Man Cave Daily. Didn’t get to make edits and run it in time with other content queued ahead. Given the extent of its damage, running it now might be a little inappropriate. Sure, prior to all that guaranteed destruction, we could make jokes there, but once that threat became real, running it from a CBS site just seems a little mocking. Anyway, here on Bankshot the humor’s a little darker and the setting’s more intimate, so here it is, just you and us, ain’t meaning no harm. 

As almost everyone knows, the eastern seaboard is getting hammered by Hurricane Sandy right now. If this is the first you’ve heard of this, please, please call your family right now, and go visit the news website of your choice. There’s some serious shenanigans going down and this is one of the few times your attention shouldn’t be on those lovely ladies to the right.

As a public service, Man Cave Daily wanted to remind everyone of a few helpful ways to stay safe and prepared for the storm. All you need to do is follow these handy rules, have a nice cup of tea, and wait for this whole thing to blow over.

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You can’t plan a meme

Cousin Bucket and I were discussing where to go on those moody days of girl-pain (German: Schmerzenfrau) when you’re not quite the unfettered rage of Insanity Wolf, yet lack the resolve of Courage Wolf, and, as ever, reject all things Hipster Cat. The retreat days, basically. We need more macros tailored specifically to our brand … Read more

Road trip!

Somehow my chubby little cousin grew up to be the coolest guy in the universe. In addition to playing bass in bands around Austin, working from home for two hours a day as a real job and moonlighting as a beer sommelier, he has decided to undertake that great American youth venture: the road trip. … Read more