Cracked: 9 Iconic Superheroes Based on Real People

Look! Superheroes you didn’t know had real-life counterparts!

So: story time. My favorite Super Bowl memory was that time I didn’t see Janet Jackson’s breast. 

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52 reviews

Eric is reviewing every one of DC’s new 52 books. And since he ought to be writing for them rather than about them, he has a good take on what works and what doesn’t.

The Gutters: Top Cow contest

I illustrated another script at The Gutters, which, if you like it, you should make a point of mentioning in their comments section so they continue to give me work. This one mocks Top Cow’s talent search contest in the manner of an old Goofy instructional video. Here’s your guide to the Easter eggs that … Read more

Grass Roots

I’ve got to re-compose these. I can’t find the files anywhere and I cleared out my website when I moved off of UPDATED — The Whitechapel sampler is now three separate PDFs grouped by genre: Action Comedy Horror Or, if you still prefer the giant old version: Giant PDF sampler of up and coming … Read more