Journalistic Correction Time: I Was Completely Wrong About Guy Gardner

Guy Gardner costume design

Back a ways, I wrote a piece for Cracked, 9 Iconic Superheroes Based on Real People in which I said Howard Chaykin had designed the uniform of my favorite superhero, Guy Gardner. That’s the way it was always told to me, and that’s the way I even recall reading it in an article or two. Well, thereafter, … Read more

Cracked: 9 Iconic Superheroes Based on Real People

Look! Superheroes you didn’t know had real-life counterparts!

So: story time. My favorite Super Bowl memory was that time I didn’t see Janet Jackson’s breast. 

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Seven comic characters who survived the trends that spawned them

ttp://”> New Gentleman Bastard today, and by the way, thanks for buying my BBQ book, which I assume you did because it came out on my birthday and you want me to be happy. If you’re in New York, I’ll sign your copy with someone else’s name and a drawing of an octopus. This column … Read more

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DOSE #3 release party tonight. Dove Parlour. 7 p.m. This issue is an extremely short-run print, and features contributions from Molly Crabapple, John Leavitt, Josh Elder, Brian Warmoth, Nathan Alderman, Chris G, and art from J Sjostrom, Arif Rakhman, and Mauro Vargas (of Hannibal fame). Why not order one? Standard Comic Black & White Page … Read more

Merry Christmas!

And whatever else you celebrate. Here’s the only red and green drawing I’ve done this year. God bless the Gaussian blur. I was just practicing my coloring, breaking the habits of crosshatching, and trying new Photoshop tricks. Plus, how can you not love Guy Gardner as a Red Lantern?