One Elegant Night With Esquire & Glenfiddich

The HearstMade folks asked me to guide you through the differences in the various Glenfiddich gran/d/e series for Esquire, as barrels from different quarters of the world give their increasingly aged and expensive scotch whiskies new aspects that, quite frankly, you and I would have to splurge to enjoy. I got a very nice sampling … Read more

Oh Hi, I Write for Delish Now

My Hearst client list continues to expand (and yet another debut is in the hopper) with a Johnnie Walker collaboration that was very easy to say yes to when they asked me to wax fondly on the Scottish icon. These two pieces commemorate the high-rye and black label, so the science demanded I sample both … Read more

Bet You Can’t Name a More Exciting Distiller Than Bruichladdich

Esquire asked me if I wanted to get hyped up about Bruichladdich. I told them you can’t hype up what’s already hyped, because Bruichladdich is my favorite label out of Scotland. (Yes, yes, I know, you’re thinking Lagavulin is a finer product, but I’m telling you what I adore as an entity.) It was an … Read more