Thanos Is a Nice Guy, and Thus, a Villain

Thanos unveils Death as his consort, but she's not interested

Just in time for NY Comic-Con, I wrote a piece for MEL magazine analyzing how Thanos is a nice guy in the least nice sense of the word. In fact, going back to 1973, his near-complete history of villainy — almost all of it written by Jim Starlin — is driven by textbook “Nice” Guy … Read more

Infinity War: It’s a Marvelous Time to Be Alive

To infinity war and beyond!

Like everyone else in America who wasn’t eradicated in the course of Thanos’s quest for the Infinity Stones, I was front and center for Avengers: Infinity War. I was present for the original one in comics, too, both the brain-meltingly high-stakes Infinity Gauntlet that this film most resembles, and the follow-up Infinity War. (I think I ran out of steam during the sluggish Infinity Crusade.) And while audiences tend to agree it’s a fantastic film, I think we in the nerderati should stop and admire not only what the film got perfect from the comic, but how it expanded and improved some of it. SPOILERS to follow, but come on, you’ve already seen this film.

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Toyfare “Rag” pitches that never made it

Pursuant to the “Hulk to Smash” article, some old pitches and notes: –“Corpse Bride” Sequel Planned sub: Hilton to Wed in June (a brief one about Paris Hilton’s upcoming nuptials, with wedding director Tim Burton coordinating the ghastliness) –“LOST” Villains Revealed sub: Seven stranded castaways behind campaign of terror (this, naturally, would be about Gilligan … Read more