Low-T Rex

Low-T. Rex #4: Mature Reflection — or, What Do Dinosaurs Pray For?

Did dinosaurs pray to God during their brief existence some 5900 years ago? I don’t want to spoil the reveal in this week’s Low-T. Rex, but it begins with him dropping to his knees (ankles? Duclaws? T. rex anatomy is a little different from ours) in a dark alcove, praying to God (who is a velociraptor, I don’t know if you know that) for some kind of mercy.

Lord, can’t we all relate in this day and age.

Anyway, his prayers go unanswered, possibly because his stubby little arms can’t properly clasp hands in prayer. Is this proof that all dinosaur fossils were placed in the earth by Satan to trick us? Leading theologians assert that, yes, this is irrefutable evidence of Lucifer meddling in God’s perfect creation. Case closed, atheists. If God isn’t real, then why is the Devil trying to test our faith in Him?

…I’m particularly proud of the cartoon rubbery poses in this one. Not great yet, but getting better, back into the groove.

The Adventures of the Low-T. Rex #3: At Baking Point

We all have that one dream of making it big. Or baking it big, in Low-T. Rex’s case. I’ve never gotten into reality TV or game shows for the same reason I can’t get into sports: it’s just arbitrary competition to me, with no real reason to root for one person or another. So when Nick asked me to draw “Paul Hollywood as a Centrosaurus” for this Great British Baking Show spoof, that was two different web searches I had to conduct. Regardless, I hope I achieved the saurification of Mr. Hollywood.

Also, is it clear that the rounded-edge panels are all a TV fantasy, rudely interrupted by the smoke alarm? I wanted to show his dreams literally as well as figuratively going up in smoke.

Favorite panel? Definitely the monochromatic final sulk. He’s rage-quit, but he’s still watching. That’s Rex in a nutshell.

The Adventures of the Low-T. Rex: Strain in Vain

The second installment of The Adventures of the Low-T. Rex finds our hero protagonist struggling to bench a light load at the gym, when he’s distracted by the arrival of the High-T. Rex, who crushes it despite his itty-bitty arms.

Acute observers may note that the Low-T. Rex’s shirt is the same pink as his little bow tie, and the High-T. Rex’s sweatbands are in fact the same. This is because, despite his intimidating go-for-it vibe and insensitivity to LTR’s obvious insecurity, he is basically a good dude, and they have a lot in common. For example — they’re both Tyrannosaurus rex! Their common sauranity is indicated by the shared hue. Color as character: you didn’t know this whole strip was secretly an M. Night Shyamalan joint.

Click on the sobbing Low-T. Rex below to read our tragedy of embarrassment and woe.

The tyrannosaurus rex comforts his low-testosterone buddy
Most of the huge guys at the gym are actually quite nice and eager to share their knowledge, I’ve found

The Adventures of the Low-T. Rex: Top-Shelf Blues

Hello, friends! Are you a fan of dinosaurs? Sure, we all are. Are you a fan of my drawing? Odds are not, but on the other hand, here you are, so maybe this is your opportunity to become one via the first installment of The Low-T. Rex over at MEL magazine. Written by Nick Leftley, this ongoing webcomic chronicles the daily struggle of a dinosaur dealing with depression, insecurity, and low testosterone levels. It’s hard to be king of the dinosaurs when you can’t even master shopping for groceries.

If Low-T. Rex (or even regular T. rex, since he shows up too) isn’t your thing, you can check out more of my regular strip drawings at Reaping Profit or She’s Famous Now, which I swear to you I will one day resume when I can pay myself as much as MEL does.

Low-T. Rex smashing
Low-T. Rex gets sad and frustrated, just like you, but with bloodier results