Hedy Lamarr Was 007 + Q

Hedy Lamarr

Pursuant to today’s Google Doodle, here’s a piece I wrote for Maxim years ago, about why Hedy Lamarr is your hero and/or fantasy woman: TIME CRUSH: Hedy Lamarr Listen, brother, there are more ladies in Heaven than Earth, and these are the ones we dream of in our philogyny. If Maxim were around in Ancient … Read more

The Atlantic Wire wrote a piece on one of my Cracked columns

Or more specifically, an endlessly recurring image from one of my Cracked pieces: this mock Cosmo cover. The Long Viral Life of Overanalyzing Magazine Apparently it’s going big on Facebook and uh…gee, is the most popular post on AdWeek right now. I’m grateful people like it, humbled that anyone would, shyly proud of it, and thankful … Read more

The 2012 Sex Moves Are Here!

I wrote this up for Maxim. You can see what made the cut on their site, but here are the ones that fell off the map: After months of scientific study (read: drunken hookups), Maxim’s scientists have identified the most popular new sex moves of 2012. Careful! Don’t try any of these without a wheelbarrow, … Read more