Oscar Fever Is Making Me Sick

Martin Scorsese Oscars

New piece up at Asylum: If the Oscars Were Honest, starring gobs of Photoshopped movie posters. Sunday is Oscar night, and while that means nothing to anyone who doesn’t read gossip magazines, we still can’t escape their buzz. So we know that the categories and winners aren’t exactly straightforward. As the film industry dislocates its … Read more

Fightin’ Females: The Female Action Star Elimination Battle

Female action hero elimination battle

Another Asylum article, and it’s all about nostalgia, which I’m told is popular among the man-children who populate the internet these days. Kneel before your one true god, retro-pop devotees! KNEEEEEEEL! And it was fun to write. But even better than that is the matchup between the toughest fictional females in pop culture. I’m an … Read more

The Evolution of the Female Action Hero

A gigantic infographic featuring the most devastating warriors of womanhood went up at Asylum. It took me 15 22 28 hours to make and is literally six feet tall. Well-behaved women rarely make history, but they once made movies. From then, it’s been a long, slow climb to today, where Hollywood actually allows women to … Read more