Oscar Fever Is Making Me Sick

Martin Scorsese Oscars

New piece up at Asylum: If the Oscars Were Honest, starring gobs of Photoshopped movie posters. Sunday is Oscar night, and while that means nothing to anyone who doesn’t read gossip magazines, we still can’t escape their buzz. So we know that the categories and winners aren’t exactly straightforward. As the film industry dislocates its … Read more

The Fifth Film Is Where Everything Gets Weird

MTV asked me to make some mock movie posters showing why the fifth film in a series is always a bad idea.

More pictures in the link, but my unsanitized text below the cut here.

UPDATE: Lost these images in a site upgrade and all my backups went the way of the dinosaurs in a hard drive catastrophe a few years ago. I’ll fix if I ever find an old drive with them on it.

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