Critics Don’t Know Anything; Avoid ‘The Assistant’ at All Costs

Nothing happens in the Assistant, don't watch it

I’m far from a structuralist hardliner. By all means, flip things around. Change the way stories are told. Form follows function, and if you can make it fly, I’m buying a ticket. But ughhhhhhh, nothing happens in The Assistant. At its most generous description, The Assistant is a series of vignettes very well enacted by … Read more

How to Damn a Movie in Three Words

From the gleeful schadenfreude of this Guardian review of Serenity comes this brutal slice at the — apparently very bad film’s– knees in one proper noun and its least relevant / most pertinent adjective: The arrival of Baker’s femme fatale ex-wife Karen (Anne Hathaway, blonde)  Whoof. Don’t ever let me on your bad side, Charles … Read more

You’re Not Crazy: Hereditary Was a Bad Movie

My face during the first 20 minutes of Hereditary
My face during the last 100 minutes of Hereditary. (credit: A24)

Last night, for the first time in my decades upon this earth, I asked a movie theater for my money back. They declined, and I can have no peace, because the most heartfelt statement of my 2018 will be this: God, I hate Donald Trump. But a close second? Hereditary is a bad movie. Not only bad, but the worst film experience I have ever endured, and I made it through the entire Uma Thurman/Ralph Fiennes AvengersHereditary is a film so laborious, so tedious, so consummately PONDEROUS, I was writhing in my seat with frustration for at least eight hours of this 127-minute movie.

Spoilers below, probably, I can’t tell yet because I’m still furious with this film, so I’m not sure of everything I’ll say.

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