‘Now & Forever’ Is The Most Vanilla Ice Song

Sure, name one Vanilla Ice song and survey says it’s “Ice, Ice, Baby.” Name two and it’s “Ninja Rap.” Name three and I am growing uncomfortable with this line of questioning, sir, get out of my living room. But if you want the most characteristic Vanilla Ice song, it has to be the confused seduction … Read more

Five Funny Pratfall Gifs

Robbie Williams fall recovery

A pratfall is specifically one plopping down on one’s ass. No faceplants here. We compiled the best fall-down-go-boom shots because we care about your well-being, and laughter is the best medicine. No, that’s a lie: antivirals are. But also, we only did this so we could point at people and laugh at them while they’re … Read more

Skate tricks, weird film GIFs, celebrity pratfalls & pretty dames to fall in love with

If that isn’t a “click here” bouquet, I don’t know what is. The last of my MTV Clutch articles are gathered here, meaning you get five articles on the joys of the internet, including one that never made it to print. 5 Batman-Worthy Skateboard Trick GIFs — Includes skate kid vs. car Weird Out-of-Context TV … Read more

Juggalos Behaving Like Animals, Animals Behaving Like Juggalos

Clown png sticker, transparent background

Two new posts over at MTV Clutch: 7 Brutally Funny GIFs Of Animals Being Jerks, and Top 5 Most Triumphant Juggalo Moments Of 2011.

Original text below the cut, since they abbreviated some jokes and made less fun of juggalos and didn’t call out Eminem. I gotta admit though, bully bison was a pretty good addition.

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