Thanos Is a Nice Guy, and Thus, a Villain

Thanos unveils Death as his consort, but she's not interested

Just in time for NY Comic-Con, I wrote a piece for MEL magazine analyzing how Thanos is a nice guy in the least nice sense of the word. In fact, going back to 1973, his near-complete history of villainy — almost all of it written by Jim Starlin — is driven by textbook “Nice” Guy … Read more

New Cracked Column: Five Things Girls Should Know About Nice Guys

[Caveat: since I wrote this, the connotations around “nice guy” catapulted from “frustrated celibate who lacks the software” to “rage-monster who thinks women owe him sex,” so keep the premise in mind, but the message remains the same: it’s not her, dude, it’s you.] Cracked ran the headline as “Things Girls Don’t Seem to Understand … Read more