Midwest Book Review gave me five stars

Granted, every review they do is five stars, but why be picky? The Man’s Book of the BBQ. Buy one now, because my birthday’s coming up and you want me to afford Carvel cake. Fun photo presentations pack a hilarious, pocket-sized tote for a perfect gift for any man enthusiastic about grilling, August 25, 2011 … Read more


I think the Alan Titchmarsh show may discuss — or at least mention — The Man’s Book of the BBQ on today’s show. So that will be…odd. Not as odd as having a book in Wal-Mart, but still: odd. I really hope it wasn’t me who wrote that “Cooking’s for girls,” cover copy.

Prose Wednesday interview with Secret Identity

Brian LeTendre at Secret Identity just asked me some questions about the junk I write, and I answered them in a semi-serious manner. Mostly it’s me listing everyone I admire in comics and comedy.