Pulled pork, piled plates

Finally did something I’d been meaning to do for ages: bought a pork shoulder, mashed a couple of bulbs of garlic into paste with Adobo, olive oil (and mustard, because come on — it’s pork). Let that sit overnight. Next morning I loosely wrapped it in aluminum foil and slow-roasted that baby at 250 for … Read more

My breakfast slays gods

Poached eggs with corned beef and barley hash and an avocado spread on home-baked bread. Tomatoes for a refreshing note. Cleaning out the fridge is how I make my best recipes.

Salsa time

Hoover just asked me for salsa-making advice, and my TL;DR version would be this: Don’t get fancy. You don’t know better than Mexican grandmas. But the long version: Yes. Get all the seedy flesh out of the tomatoes, or your salsa will be a drink. And add the salt last, because it draws even more … Read more

Ma McGinley’s Kindergarten Kookies

Here’s what I’m making today: my mom’s recipe for these delicious, candy-like cookies that coagulate into sort of chocolate’s birds’ nests. They’re called Kindergarten Kookies because she used to send them into school on our birthdays. KINDERGARTEN KOOKIES In a mixing bowl: 3 cups oats 1/2 cup cocoa OR 1 square unsweetened chocolate 1 cup … Read more