Pulled pork, piled plates

Finally did something I’d been meaning to do for ages: bought a pork shoulder, mashed a couple of bulbs of garlic into paste with Adobo, olive oil (and mustard, because come on — it’s pork). Let that sit overnight. Next morning I loosely wrapped it in aluminum foil and slow-roasted that baby at 250 for … Read more

My breakfast slays gods

Poached eggs with corned beef and barley hash and an avocado spread on home-baked bread. Tomatoes for a refreshing note. Cleaning out the fridge is how I make my best recipes.

Just a reminder

I’ve written The Man’s Book of the BBQ, a series of almost-funny essayettes for some stock photos Hachette had lying around, and when you get done reading it, you’ll be less likely to screw up your next barbecue. It’s out May 2, with a U.S. release come Labor Day, because we like to bookend the … Read more

Bagely sammich time

Sometimes all you need is a fried egg over easy on one of Brooklyn’s finest multigrain bagels. A little cheese, tomato and minimal cilantro, and you’ve got yourself a day’s eats.

Argentine chicken

It’s super easy to make. Just Play Frankenstein until it looks like a frog (dislocate the legs, cut along the sternum). Use a few basic spices, and fabricate some chimichurri dipping sauce Cook low and slow over indirect heat. I cheated, though. I rolled frozen pats of butter in spices and slipped them under the … Read more