Glowing Smoke Rings

Well, not glowing, but positive. I just went for the pun on that headline. BECAUSE I AM A PROFESSIONAL WRITEY PERSON. The Smoke Ring liked my book. Although it does contain a chapter with 13 recipes, this isn’t really a cookbook. It is described as “a celebration of the man and his BBQ. A salute … Read more

Superheroes a little differently

My Polish caps out at “You’re hungry for soup,” but holy cow, did this fellow ever give our work an in-depth analysis. Worth a Google translation if you have the time. I like it because it’s all the criticisms I’ve come up with for these projects, plus a few that never occurred to me. The … Read more

Geeks of Doom likes Heist

And so should you. But take their word for it, not mine. Issue #1 here Issue #2 there Enjoy ’em now, because they’re about to go premium. Oh yes, there are webcomic doings afoot.

Midwest Book Review gave me five stars

Granted, every review they do is five stars, but why be picky? The Man’s Book of the BBQ. Buy one now, because my birthday’s coming up and you want me to afford Carvel cake. Fun photo presentations pack a hilarious, pocket-sized tote for a perfect gift for any man enthusiastic about grilling, August 25, 2011 … Read more