Oh Hi, I Write for Delish Now

My Hearst client list continues to expand (and yet another debut is in the hopper) with a Johnnie Walker collaboration that was very easy to say yes to when they asked me to wax fondly on the Scottish icon. These two pieces commemorate the high-rye and black label, so the science demanded I sample both … Read more

Bet You Can’t Name a More Exciting Distiller Than Bruichladdich

Esquire asked me if I wanted to get hyped up about Bruichladdich. I told them you can’t hype up what’s already hyped, because Bruichladdich is my favorite label out of Scotland. (Yes, yes, I know, you’re thinking Lagavulin is a finer product, but I’m telling you what I adore as an entity.) It was an … Read more

Oh Hi, I Write for Popular Mechanics Now

I did a few branded pieces for Popular Mechanics this year, starting off with a World Gold Council walkthrough on how gold makes cool things cooler. Quite literally in the case of the Webb telescope. You wouldn’t think you’d need an industry council promoting gold, but it exists and I assume its headquarters is incredible. … Read more