The Man’s Book of the BBQ

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Despite its (very British) title, that book I was hired to write a few years back now, The Man’s Book of the BBQ, is actually a celebration of grilling, not specifically smoking and slow-cooking and saucing. But that’s cool, because guys like Raichlen and Mixon are going to say all there is to say anyway. But if you want to know the science of the grilling temperature beyond that narrow bandwidth, you’ve got to go to one place: — the bible of the barbecue and beyond.

So it was that I got to interview Meathead Goldwyn, the exuberant expert who runs the site. I also combed multiple FDA & USDA pages and Chef Steps findings, and hoo boy! There is a lot of conflicting data out there about 20º F differences between whether that food is going to kill you or be delicious or be dry and tough.

But you don’t have to! Here are my conservative compilations after consulting with the master, who was just the nicest guy and I would have loved to sit rapt in his wisdom for even longer, but I had to surrender the conference room.



New shirt! The Parts of a Cow

I think the third piece I ever wrote for Cracked was How to BBQ like a Real Man. And even though it didn’t make the front page, that’s okay, because it got me a book. And that book got me another book I can’t talk about yet. So in a cost-benefit analysis, it was most profitable thing I ever wrote, and I had a lot of fun doing it.

Now it’s a shirt.

Limited to 50, and perfect for the Upton Sinclair fan in your life this holiday season.



Glowing Smoke Rings

Well, not glowing, but positive. I just went for the pun on that headline. BECAUSE I AM A PROFESSIONAL WRITEY PERSON. The Smoke Ring liked my book.

Although it does contain a chapter with 13 recipes, this isn’t really a cookbook. It is described as “a celebration of the man and his BBQ. A salute to those heroes of the flame grill – those intrepid backyard chefs who, sporting an apron and clutching a brew, are prepared to sear off their eyebrows and prepare feasts of meat for their loved ones.” It includes a light hearted “history” of BBQ from “caveman to metroman”. Another chapter includes pictures of different grills made from planes, trains, automobiles and even guns. Other chapters cover tools, tips like “how to look good in soot”, and “how to singe friends & immolate people”. If you are looking for a lighthearted, humorous look at men and all things BBQ, it is a fun read.”

Grilling with Rich reviews “The Man’s Book of the BBQ”…

and finds it favorable.

I’m not sure where that “darling of the New York BBQ scene” bit came from. Some press person in the UK edition coined that. For the record, I’m not even a recent, short darling of the NY bbq scene. The NY BBQ scene isn’t even old enough to be considered “long.” Dinosaur kept up its lonely vigil defending the city against Dallas BBQ until, I dunno, Pies & Thighs was founded. Now we enjoy Fette Sau and Mabel’s (where we held the release party for the US edition of The Man’s Book of the BBQ) and that joint on the corner of Houston, and a few others, but man…NYC was not a barbecue town when I arrived here. And at no point has it been my custody. Oh, to be a darling of that scene–! I should arrive at the barbecue wearing finest gingham, calico and taffeta, with my dandy buckle-shoes a’step-step-stepping to a lively cantata, and gentlemen of all good manner will compete for my favour to fall upon their barbecued workings.

…yeah, that’d be a swell time.

Midwest Book Review gave me five stars

Granted, every review they do is five stars, but why be picky?

The Man’s Book of the BBQ. Buy one now, because my birthday’s coming up and you want me to afford Carvel cake.

Fun photo presentations pack a hilarious, pocket-sized tote for a perfect gift for any man enthusiastic about grilling, August 25, 2011
Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) – See all my reviews
This review is from: The Man’s Book of the BBQ: A Celebration of Full-on, Flame-on Macho Cooking (Hardcover)
The Man’s Book of the BBQ provides a fine celebration of men and barbecues and is a fine man’s book packed with humor, photos, and fun. It’s a homage to the grill and male involvement with it, following chefs, families, and hilarious situations revolving around the bbq phenomenon. Fun photo presentations pack a hilarious, pocket-sized tote for a perfect gift for any man enthusiastic about grilling.