New Thrillist Post: Everything That Happens In Your Grill at Every Temperature

Despite its (very British) title, that book I was hired to write a few years back now, The Man’s Book of the BBQ (buy it here!), is actually a celebration of grilling, not specifically smoking and slow-cooking and saucing. But that’s cool, because guys like Raichlen and Mixon are going to say all there is to say … Read more

Glowing Smoke Rings

Well, not glowing, but positive. I just went for the pun on that headline. BECAUSE I AM A PROFESSIONAL WRITEY PERSON. The Smoke Ring liked my book. Although it does contain a chapter with 13 recipes, this isn’t really a cookbook. It is described as “a celebration of the man and his BBQ. A salute … Read more

The Man’s Book of the BBQ apocrypha

The man's book of the bbq

There’s a ton that fell off the map in the printed edition of The Man’s Book of the BBQ (PS — out Sept 1st in the states), but here’s just a bit from the introduction. I should probably steal this from myself and use it elsewhere. Pretty soon I’m going to need an “Unprovoked mockery … Read more