New Thrillist Post: Every Jaw-Dropping Moment on TV This Year

Stunning moments in TV 2017

Over at the ol’ Thrillist I had time to compile the most stunning moments in 2017 television (warning! TV spoilers are like the entire point of that article) alongside my colleagues Christie and Andrea. It didn’t matter if it was a cliffhanger, a twist, a reveal, or whathaveye as long as it made us leap off our collective American … Read more

New Thrillist Post: Everything That Happens In Your Grill at Every Temperature

Despite its (very British) title, that book I was hired to write a few years back now, The Man’s Book of the BBQ (buy it here!), is actually a celebration of grilling, not specifically smoking and slow-cooking and saucing. But that’s cool, because guys like Raichlen and Mixon are going to say all there is to say … Read more

Whiskey in Space!

Over at Thrillist I crafted you three new articles: First, with the lovely Zofia Maria of Otto’s Shrunken Head, we devised Jose Cuervo cocktails unlike any you’ve had before (and by we, I mean 100% she did. I just nodded approvingly). Second, I crafted you a perfect first day in five U.S. cities, which is … Read more

New Thrillist: Bourbon, beer, and big-time party

Hello, did you know I’ve taken an editorial job at Thrillist? Of course you did not, because you’re not a creeper. Well, now you know. Dig it, here are a few of my latest scrawls when not editing other writers’ work: La Hora Loca Is, By Definition, the Craziest Hour at Any Party The 11 … Read more